Our program at Bloom places great emphasis on nature, specifically on spending time outdoors honoring that deep, innate connection of the young child to the natural world. Nature speaks to the soul of the child, yet children are losing their connection to it in the midst of the near constant drone of computers, televisions and toys that speak, light up and play music. Children as a whole are spending less and less time in nature.  At Bloom we forgo many of the trappings of traditional playgrounds for a more natural playscape, designed to speak to the children's desire for "wild" spaces.  This means more plants, trees and gardens.  

We need a renaissance of wonder.  We need to renew, in our hearts, and in our souls...the perennial sense that life is miracle and magic.  - E. Merrill Root

We live in a fast paced world.  For many of us, such is life and it cannot be helped despite our efforts or desire to slow things down.  At BLOOM we aim to create a space just for the children - breathing space with simple, predictable daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms.  We will offer experiences, songs and stories chosen to bring forth the children's natural sense of wonder and imagination.  At BLOOM, children will be given the freedom to explore the natural world, to plant and tend a garden, to use their imaginations freely, to watch a caterpillar make its way across a tree branch, and to simply be full of experience: Childhood, Naturally.